News and Media Coveragepar course

The continued popularity and universal appeal of fitness trails make them the focus of media coverage promoting health and exercise. Below are links to published articles about the concept.

Ballantyne Magazine

AAA World 

Health Magazine


Helpful Links

Many Fit-Trail users have created their own websites that do a nice job of promoting the availability of their system. Below are links to several of them which you might find interesting and helpful.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Nassau County Sports Commission

Kentucky Wesleyan College

YMCA of the Northwoods

University of Georgia

East Winds Inn, St. Lucia

Ethel Jacobsen Elementary School


Case Studies

As seen on the Users section of our website, Fit-Trail systems have been purchased by a wide variety of user types. For a closer look at some purchasers who decided to buy multiple systems, click on the links below.

Gallup-McKinley School District, New Mexico

Kellogg, Brown & Root, for the US Military

Hamilton Bermuda Department of Youth, Sports & Recreation

On Top of the World Communities, Florida

Picayune & Poplarville School Districts, Mississippi